Our Methodology

Gap Analysis

Our Consultant will have One to One discussion with all the process owners to review and understand your current processes and procedures, highlighting the areas that needs to be improved / modified / upgraded to meet the requirements of the Standard.



Training to the Process owners to create awareness and make them understanding the Standard requirements. Methodology of conducting Internal Audits and to extract the effectiveness of Implemented Management System.


Documented Information

The development of Documented Information (Formats, Work Instructions, Process Procedures, System Controlling Procedures and an Apex Manual) with respect to management systems is done in consultation with the process owners, to ensures that your employees are understood their responsibility and the importance of maintaining a standard in their process which allows them to achieve their Objectives through marching towards a Risk-free process.


Implementation Support

Frequency reviews / visits guarantees timely completion of the project in close cooperation with the Process owners.

TMC ensures that Process owners and the Top Management are informed at all times about the state of progress / problems encountered and the actions initiated to overcome it.


Internal Audit & MRM

Supporting your trained auditors to complete the cycle of Internal audit and MRM

An Internal Audit will assist management to improve internal controls by identifying the key risk factors and weaknesses in systems and provides an opportunity to correct those weaknesses.

Management Review is an important tool used for ensuring that systems remain focused on the direction of the business, are improved to reflect changes that have occurred in the company’s context and to take advantage of opportunities whilst fully addressing risky areas of the business.

Handling of Non-conformance

NC is common in any Organization / Individuals life, but the importance of systematically approaching the Identified Non-conformances will helps the Organization in terms of avoiding recurrences, opportunities for improvement and increase Customer satisfaction. As a Consultant will provide the way of Identifying the Root Cause and initiating Corrective actions.